19 November, 2015 19 November, 2015

Looking Back to Look Forward (Ricky Basnett)

In anticipation for tonight’s premiere of No Regrets in Cape Town, for Throwback Thursday today we’re going to be focussing on the star of Jason Hearn’s latest film.

No Regrets screens tonight in Cape Town and next Tuesday in Durban. Details here.

From world tour hopeful to battling alcoholism, Ricky Basnett has gone from the limelight to his darkest places and come out the other side. You may have already read the story in the feature with the same title in the current issue of Zag – 39.8, but tonight’s screening of No Regrets is going to give us the full audio visual rendition – including some superbly documented and fresh footage from somewhere far north of Cape Town.

That’s only later tonight, however. Until then, we’re going to keep the froth levels high by watching this four year-old clip featuring the Bluff charger:

Jimmy Reynolds put together this edit of Ricky for the old Innersection competition.

And that’s not all! We also asked Ricky to kick off our new regular called ‘Tales from the Pit’ by telling us his most epic memory of his fearsome local spot, Cave Rock. Read it here.


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