12 March, 2015 12 March, 2015

Hawaii Survival Guide

Zag (Vol. 39.3) is hot off the press and, as well as learning how to eat for free on your next surf mission, there’s also a crazy Hawaiin feature on the current crew of Saffa chargers who took on the North Shore for the 2014/15 season. So this week we throw you back to Vol. 15.2, which featured the SA crew (back then) taking on Hawaii for the 91 season.

A sneak peak at the new mag’s “Hawaii Is” article.

Click to view images in full size and read the article.
Waimea Bay – cranking at 15 foot plus. Unfortunately, the crowds also cranked creating a bit of unwanted hostility.

Although a bus from the airport is no longer 65 cents, check out the other useful tips like when to go and what conditions you can expect.

Dave Malherbe (right) takes the drop at Pipeline.

Seventeen year-old Greg Hastie getting in on the warm water and perfect waves that Hawaii’s North Shore has on offer.

Cass Collier on the cover – March/April ’91 Vol 15.2.

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