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From the Blue Tub

Here at the Zag cave there’s a big blue tub. And in that tub, one could easily get lost in the surfing history archived in every way shape and form imaginable. The original film slides and negatives contained inside, as well as the B&W and colour prints are enough to throw any hipster into a fit of joy. Let’s just say that there’s no shortage of memories banked. For this week’s Throwback, we dip into the tub and take a closer look at ten of these vintage snaps.

As far as photo credits go, there’s no clues on this one – so feel free to shed some light. But whoever the lucky road-trippers are, this image captures the essence of the good times surfing can bring.

JBay empty bottle
The back of this old timer reads: “Supers, the day the Wrangler comp was on in EL.” It then goes on to caption the photo as, “Empty beer bottle, empty waves.” Unfortunately there are no clues as to who took the photo.

As an early proponent of aerial surfing, and one of the most progressive surfers of the late 80’s and early 90’s, Durban’s Martin Potter made noise after taking down former world champ, Shaun Tomson, to win his first pro event at the tender age of 15. Needless to say, Pottz became a feared opponent for any fellow competitive surfer of his time.
Photo by: Shafiq Morton

Rudy Palmboom by Des
Pictured above is Rudy Palmboom, poised beneath a chunky Cave Rock lip. Rudy Snr can still be seen out at the Rock religiously, on days when most won’t even make the paddle out.
Photo by: Des Basnett

Kaap barrel
Empty Cape perfection sometime in the late 70’s.

Brian Jacobs
Back on the warmer south coast, Brian Jacobs is in the slot while his friend watches on.

Which board to use? There’s no date or credit provided with this photo, but taking into account the mixed quiver of single-fins and thrusters, the image was most likely taken some time shortly after the invention of the thruster – developed by Simon Anderson in 1980.

Camera old school
One of the early forms of water-housings – big enough to house about 30 GoPros. On the reverse, the image is credited (in fading pencil) to Ryan Harric, That’s Zag co-founder Paul Naude with what looks like a housing for a 16mm Bolex camera.

Back in the early days of publishing Zag, there were no computers or software involved with mag layouts. It was all done manually, sometimes with simple tools like a projector, ruler and pen to get things aligned. The reverse of this image is labelled as ‘Pic A’ for Page 11.
Photo by: Shafiq Morton

Gavin Spowart
Gavin Spowart, ripping into the wall with old-school power. Photo by: Shafiq Morton .

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