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Dogtown Days

Over the past four decades surfing has remained the core focus of Zigzag. During those years however, we’ve featured many other board/wave related activities. From Jozi’s dry-docked pool skaters creating their own version of the Z-Boys’ infamous Dogbowl sessions, to the introduction of the boogieboard – we’ve covered them all.

Let’s take a peep back in the archives at some of the other stoke-inducing activities we’ve featured in Zag, or in one of our other publications like ‘Skate Edge’ or ‘Basher’.

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Lost and now found – Zigzag’s “Skate Edge”

Jozi’s version of the Dogbowl sessions in Zag 13.1 (circa ’89).

A peep at surfing’s cousin, kneeboarding in Zag 7.1 (circa ’83)

If there’s one trick you have to learn on a skateboard, it’s the ollie. Zag shows you how to pull it off with style in Vol. 13.1 (circa ’89)

Skate profile on Brian Gilham, who was part of skateboarding’s development in SA – circa 1978 (Vol. 2.2).


World Freestyle Skateboarding champion, Chris Chaput chats to Zag in Vol 2.3 (1978).

Steve Shneer throws a straight legged frontside air at the “Shut Up and Skate” comp in Strand – circa 1991 (Vol 15.1).

Zag also produced bodyboarding mags from 1991-2001. First we introduced ‘Basher’ in 1991, and later ‘Bodyboarding’ mag.

A look at waveski design in Zag 2.3 (circa ’78).

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  1. Andrew B
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    Awesome series guys! Cant believe how much of this I recognise!!!!

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