23 April, 2015 23 April, 2015

Classic Ads – Take Two!

Without the support of our readers and advertisers, Zigzag would cease to exist. Thankfully, for nearly four decades our stoke and hard work has been rewarded by both and we’ve been lucky enough to keep on producing SA’s favourite surf mag.

There’s a long list of memorable adverts seen in Zag since ’76, some we’ve shown you before, but while browsing our archives this week, we couldn’t help but upload another classic batch.

(click images to view larger.)

Kooks small
Back in the 80’s, Gotcha’s ad department said what was on their mind.

Renault small
Imagine getting pitted in your Renault…

shorts small
From a time when muzzies were worn proud and short shorts were in (kinda like now).

1990 small
Some bold illustrations to kick-off a new decade.

Back to cool small
In the winter of ’86, this was as cool as it gets.

Barrels and brands small
The classic barrel shot ad never gets old.

smoke, booze small
Zigzag certainly didn’t miss out on the hey-day of booze and ciggie adverts.

gotcha crazy colours small
And finally, some ads were just plain ‘krazie’.

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