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Classic Ads – Take Three!

Without the support of our readers and advertisers, Zigzag would cease to exist. Thankfully, after four decades our stoke and hard work is still being rewarded and we’ve been lucky enough to keep on producing SA’s favourite surf mag.

There is a gold mine of classic adverts to be found in the dusty Zag archives since ’76. We spotted a few South African surf legends splashed on the psychedelic pages from the golden year of 1996. We all know these guys still rip but did you know they used to model too?

In Take Three of the Classic Ads Series, here are a few of our most sublime favourites…


Ricky Bassnett, Craig Parson, Dane Logie and Matthew Kruger ft. burger.

We aren’t entirely sure why this advert looks like the cover of an old sci-fi film. Nor do we know what relevance a burger really has to surfing. But what we do know is that these guys aren’t so cute and fluffy these days. Although Ricky Bassnett’s hair has grown a little longer, he can still be found surfing his brains out in Cape St. Francis. Craig Parsons is now a daddy and Dane Logie is all over the visual advertising industry as a general manager for yesman. Matthew Kruger is an air traffic controller and still sporting that same cheeky grin.


Arno Lane shredding. (In case you didn’t catch the name)

Arno Lane smacking the lip in a ring of fire and ARNOLANEARNOLANE… Talk about a hallucinogenic! When Arno is not making our eyes tweak from dusty old Zag’s, he is working for RVCA and living in the land of milk and honey – Jeffrey’s Bay.


Clayton, QJ, Dave and Lee- the boys are back in town.

The old Saffa QS campaigners looking like they’re on the cover of their very own big-jacket-boyband. What they were smuggling in there has been a mystery since ’96 but what we do know is that these guys are still shredding hard, and still have plenty of street cred (or at least they used to before we re-published this ad). Clayton is now in Australia shaping world-class surfboards. Quinton Jones can be found in KZN or beaches around the country following the junior events as he coaches some the best up and coming surfers. Dave Pfaff used to battle it out with Shaun Holmes on the junior ranks when he wasn’t jutting out that archetypal jawline. Lee Bisset clearly chose to follow his brains and not his looks as he is currently a senior financial planner.

Lee Bisset and the money shot.

Lee Bisset and the money shot. Real trunks. Real emo.

But Lee made sure he gave his modelling career a fair chance first…


Travis Logie – wet n wild.

The wild youth lives on! Having recently retired from the WCT, Travis is now working for the WSL as a contest director for some of the biggest junior events in the world.

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