9 April, 2015 9 April, 2015

Centre Stage – Take Two!

Everyone loved our last Throwback featuring some of the best centrespreads published in Zigzag during the 80s. As the saying goes; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So here are six more epic photos that were plastered on the walls of stoked groms and surfers throughout South Africa during the 80s…

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Pierre Totsee, blasting up the face from a rarely seen (at the time) angle.
Photo by: Chris van Lennep (Vol 10.2 – circa 1986).

Shaun Tomson, doing what he does best at the Rock.
Photo by: Paul Maartens (Vol. 10.1 – circa 1986).

Mike Burness showing why he made it to 7th on the ASP world circuit, becoming the highest placed South African at the time. Photo by: Pat Flanagan (Vol. 10.3 – circa 1986).

Mike Larmont, charging hard at the Bay of Plenty.
Photo by: Chris van Lennep (Vol. 13.1 – circa 1989)

Andrzej Kawolski, tucking in tight at Long Beach, Cape Town.
Photo by: Mike Knott (Vol 12.2 – circa 1988)

Tim Williams glides on a classic beaut at Cave Rock.
Photo by: Pat Flanagan (Vol. 9.5 – circa 1985).


See more from the photographers that have made Zag what it is over the years, here.

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