3 December, 2015 3 December, 2015

Zag Shorts Leg 6 Winner Decided

The November leg of Zag Shorts – our short film competition supported by GoPro – has come to an end. Leg 6 saw a record number of entries vying for a shot at the epic grand prize, but even though there were ten short films to choose from, the judges unanimously agreed that last month’s victory deservedly goes to Tamarac Park Searll’s Everybody Go Surf – an epic mix of Cape Town surf footage from land, air and sea.

Tamarac Park Searll’s Everybody Go Surf takes the win for Leg 6.

Why we digged it?
With the film’s variety of aerial, GoPro water shots and DSLR footage cut to a laid back island beat, regular Shot Bru contributor, Tamarac Park Searll’s first entry stood out as something different – which in a time where free web clips are being churned out faster than a Supertubes peeler – is a feat that’s becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve. Featuring months worth of Cape Town surf footage, with everyone from weekend warriors, to underground rippers, to QS campaigners like MFeb and Davey Van Zyl, it’s nothing short of a superb effort and a great first entry for the Cape lensman.

The film doesn’t try to be  something it’s not, and the great collection of footage is shown very humbly and playfully, making it an entertaining watch from start to finish. The music choice as above mentioned, is very different, and although it may not be everyone’s first choice or a current chart topper, it’s certainly refreshing and chilled.

Watch Joey Calhau’s People Inside Big Barrels below, another one of November’s standouts. You can also click here to view all ten of the other entries.

Joey Calhau’s first entry – People Inside Big Barrels, features exactly what the name suggests as Jamie O’ Brien and others get absolutely shacked at firing Padang Padang.

Meanwhile, Simone van der Colff’s Gimme My Fix got the public’s vote of confidence by a landslide, raking in an impressive tally of 249 votes – double that of its closest competitor.

Gimme My Fix features Simone enjoying her idea of a perfect day: waking up, cruising to the beach, skating along the way and then jumping in for a surf.

For his efforts, Tamarac Searll joins Leg 1 winner Josh Rowe, Leg 2 winner Grant Hewitt, Leg 3 winner Tao Farren-Hefer, Leg 4 winner Grant Beck and Leg 5 winner Marck Botha in contention for the grand prize to be decided at the end of January 2016. Go to zagshorts.co.za to view all the entries and to vote for your favourites for the December leg, which is currently underway.

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Zigzag, GoPro and the public all have an equal say in determining the winner, with each contributing 33.3% of the final decision. For the sixth leg, Zigzag and GoPro voted for Everybody Go Surf, making Tamarac Park Searll the unanimous winner.

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