3 August, 2015 3 August, 2015

Zag Shorts Leg 2 Winner Decided

Another month has reeled on by, which means it’s time to announce the winner for leg two of Zag Shorts presented by GoPro – our short film competition with an insane grand prize up for grabs.

The winning short for Leg 2: ‘Surfing Stop Animation’ by Grant Hewitt.

Out of the six shorts that were sent in this month, two in particular caught the judge’s attention. Both were strong entries, and both were completely different in style and treatment, which made choosing a winner very difficult. Mathew Gardner’s Jacko, featuring KZN shredder Brandon Jackson, had everything you want from a good web clip; high surf action edited to an amping track. The waves are sick, Brandon’s surfing is top-notch and the variety of angles keeps the cinematography fresh and interesting.

Mathew Gardner’s ‘Jacko’ featuring Brandon Jackson.

Grant Hewitt’s Surfing Stop Animation on the other hand, was something a little different. This is Grant’s second entry into the comp and is done entirely in stop animation – featuring a lego man who scores miniature perfection at his local after tearing out a board from a magazine. The creativity and effort which was put into this unique project is top-class, with the story being brought to life frame-by-frame, as Grant had to make tiny adjustments to the mise-en-scene (everything in frame) in-between photographs in order for it to work out the way it did. After weighing up both films, Grant’s unique entry scores him this month’s Go Pro, SD card and handler, and he’ll be joining last month’s winner – Skeleton Bay Sandspit: by Josh Rowe – in the final selection for the main prize that includes a spot on a surf trip with Zag and R20 000 cash.

Josh Rowe’s ‘Skeleton Bay Sandspit’ won Leg 1 and is in consideration for the main prize.

Go to zagshorts.co.za to view all the entries and to vote for your favourites for the August leg, which has just kicked-off.


Zigzag, GoPro and the public all have an equal say in determining the winner, with each contributing 33.3% of the final decision. For the second leg, both Zigzag and GoPro chose Grant Hewitt’s video as the outstanding entry, giving it a 66.6% lion’s share of the total.

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