10 November, 2015 10 November, 2015

We Make It Sic! Leg 3 Winner Announced

There were a number of incredible entries into Leg 3 of our We Make It Sic! competition powered by Bosch and Dremel. And although each submission was impressive and unique in their own right, after much consideration by the judges, Jasper Eales’ Soul Arch Coffee Table has been selected as the third monthly winner.

A side-on view of Jasper’s latest creation, the Soul Arch Coffee Table.

While Jasper’s creativity and effort deservedly wins him the third leg’s monthly prize of a Dremel Trio kit, that doesn’t mean to say that any of the other excellent existing entries, such as Taylor Nash’s Retro Barrel Rider for example, isn’t in the running for the grand prize.

For anyone thinking of making their own Soul Arch coffee table as a feature at home, here are the details and story provided by the designer, Jasper Eales:

Board: L 1640mm x W 655mm x H 32mm
Base: L 878mm x W 411mm x H 428mm
Assembled: L 1640mm x W 655mm x H 470mm

Board: Locally sourced Kiaat and Ficus, sealed with Danish Oil.
Locking system: Marine grade (5083) Aluminium.
Base: Reinforced Fibre Cement & Cork/Rubber compound feet.

The result of locally sourced Kiaat and Ficus, sealed with Danish Oil.

The Soul Arch Story
As a lifelong surfer and ocean enthusiast, with a passion and understanding to create refined, functional beauty, ‘Soul Arch’ was a perfect opportunity to express my visions. The soul arch is a classic surfing manoeuvre, which originated in the earliest forms of surfing. It is performed while positioned on the front of the board, arching your back, arms raised in the air, with hands clasped behind your head, and is a visual expression demonstrating casual confidence, style and balance.

Drawing reference from some of the most ancient forms of surfboards that date back to pre European contact in Hawaii. These wooden boards were short, wide and fast, and became the punk rock of surfing in the twentieth century. Today they symbolise an icon of beauty and style.

The drawing board.

The selection of locally sourced timber in the form of Ficus and South African Kiaat for ‘Soul Arch’ was a natural one, given the South African origin and unique qualities of the wood. The choice to contrast the refined hand shaped wooden form with an equally gracious raw reinforced fibre cement base was to complement one another in their natural, but sophisticated beauty. 10mm Marine grade aluminium was machined to form the locking system. This is where technology and design are introduced as a highly functional but subtle detail.

The aluminium locking system.

The early stages for the reinforced fibre cement base.

Japer’s creation earns him a Dremel trio kit to assist with future projects. If you haven’t entered yet but would like to get your hands on the R30 000-worth of tools that are up for grabs as the grand prize, there’s still time left for more entries. So get creative because we wanna see you Make it Sic!

Competition closes at the end of the month on 30 November. Looking for some inspiration? There are plenty of excellent entries to check out and draw from right here.

Trio Kit
The Dremel trio kit that Jasper walks away with.

• Any creation that is surfing related is eligible.
• However, if your products are already a registered business venture you can’t enter it.
• The entries can be any material; plastic, metal, wood, glass, etc.
• Multiple entries are allowed.
• Entries must be submitted to comps@zigzag.co.za
• Contestants can submit as many photos or videos as they like.
• Only persons residing in South Africa may enter.
• Prize winners are limited to winning 1 prize category each.


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