20 August, 2015 20 August, 2015

We Make It Sic Entries Pouring In

We’re stoked to once again partner with Bosch and Dremel to present We Make It Sic – our DIY challenge in which we reward creative readers with over R30 000 worth of power tools.


And how does one win exactly? Contestants need to create something surf-related and send evidence of their design – along with a description – to comps@zigzag.co.za. It will then be judged in the categories of craftmanship, functionality and innovation. Last year’s entries were great, and this year has already seen some mind-blowing innovation.
Take a look at a few below, and don’t forget to check out the wemakeit.co.za to see all the entries and vote for your favourites.

Keel fin
Last year’s winner, Liam Bulgen, has entered three re-purposed fin designs made from up-cycled household goods. This keel fin was made from an old skateboard and reinforced with carbon fibre.

SIESA - Motherboard Velzy
This is the ‘Velzy – Logfin,’ which has been made from a computer motherboard.

SIESA - LP Flex fin
This stylish single fin has been ingeniously crafted from an LP  record and reinforced with various materials to allow restricted flex. It’s also compatible with single-fin boxes.

“All the fins have been designed to be used in fin boxes (single and future). The epoxy used to make the fins is 100% organic epoxy. All the fins have been made from re-purposed materials that I had lying around. All the fins have been reinforced with carbon fibre and sealed with fine fibreglass cloth. The fins are not just designed to look cool, they have been designed to perform.” – Liam Bulgen.

Alaia 2
A hand-crafted wooden Alaia, which was made by Cape Town’s Taylor Nash while he was out from the surf on account of injury.

fishtail penny
 14 year-old Tyler Somers’ hand-crafted wooden Penny skateboard.

• Any creation that is somehow surfing related is eligible.
• However, if your products are already a registered business venture you can’t enter it.
• The entries can be any material; plastic, metal, wood, glass, etc.
• Multiple entries are allowed.
• Entries must be submitted to comps@zigzag.co.za
• Contestants can submit as many photos or videos as they like.
• Only persons residing in South Africa may enter.
• Prize winners are limited to winning 1 prize category each.


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