3 June, 2016 3 June, 2016

Spread the Word: Get Funded With W4C

Waves for Change is a Cape Town based organization and award winning Surf Therapy Programme led by surfers and mental health professionals operating in some of South Africa’s most violent and unstable communities. And they need you to make waves about their latest Get Funded project.

If you haven’t yet heard, Waves For Change are spreading the stoke around the country and currently calling Federations, NGO’s, CBO’s, Faith-based organisations, Schools, Formalised Community Groups, or even Lords-of-Dogtown-type philanthropy crews, who are interested in starting or growing after-school surfing programmes, to apply for their generous funding.

Waves For Change are offering a solid 24 month, $25,000 support package that will cover everything from curriculum training, staff salaries, surf equipment, board wax – the works. The Waves For Change team have already received a number of stand out entry forms from around the SA coastline, but we need to get these forms to those who may not have easy access to internet or simply surf more salt than the net.


Waves For Change are urging the SA surf community to help spread the stoke and the word by taking a printed copy of the application form with them on their next surf trip. Drop it off with a surf community, school, backpackers or local project you may trek across on your travels. Whether it’s in the rolling hills of the Transkei, a wooden shack in Sodwana Bay, or a crew of crayfish camping out off-the-grid on the west coast – everyone deserves a chance to apply for this incredible opportunity to support surfing in their community.


Check out the details on how to apply for the Waves for Change Get Funded support package, download the forms and spread the good waves here: www.zigzag.co.za/get-funded

For more info check out Waves for Change here:

Website: www.waves-for-change.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WavesforChange
Twitter: @WavesforChange
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wavesforchange

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