18 November, 2015 18 November, 2015

One of These Tubes Will Win 30 Grand (Monster Pitstop)

In two weeks time, one of these incredible rides will win over R30 000* in cash and prizes when it clinches the ‘Pit of the Year’ title for the 2015 Monster Pitstop:

All five rides contesting this year’s ‘Pit of the Year’ grand final.

Each of the five finalists for this year’s Monster Pitstop in association with O’Neill, Vestal, Skullcandy and Neff, earned their spot in the grand final by winning the respective monthly legs they were entered into.

Granville West and Kai Linder teamed up to take out Leg 1 in May; For Leg 2 in June, Adin Jeenes and Jonathan Morales claimed the win; Twiggy Baker and Daniel Balbuena, meanwhile, were voted Leg 3’s standout ride in July; Leg 4 was contested in September and Casey Grant took top honours with a ridiculous tube filmed by Steven Michelsen; Then in October, Frank Solomon and Paul Clyne claimed the win for Leg 5.

Voting** is now open for the ‘Pit of the Year’ grand final. Go to monsterpits.co.za to vote for your favourite tube, in turn helping us decide a winner from this incredible batch.



For the Surfer:
R15 000 cash + Vestal Heirloom Watch valued at R5,500

For the Videographer:
R10 000 cash + Skullcandy Air Raid Speaker valued at R1,999


• The public vote and judging panel’s vote is split 50-50
• This means each of the three judge’s votes count 16.67% of the overall vote (to make up the judges’ 50% of the vote).
• The public vote for each surfer is then worked out as a percentage of the total number of public votes across all contestants and divided by two to work out how much it contributes to the other 50%.


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