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Let’s be honest – surfing changed your life. You look forward to the winter swells more than Christmas. Your first barrel was the best gift you’ve ever received and you love your board almost as much as your first-born. We all know surfing is more than just getting to your feet, making the drop and riding the wave. Surfing empowers, brings hope and builds positive futures – especially in vulnerable and violent communities. In South Africa, surfing is changing the lives of hundreds of at-risk youth and you could help change more together with Waves for Change.


Waves for Change co-founder and surf coach, Apish Tshetsha, milks it in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Waves for Change is a Cape Town based organization and award winning Surf Therapy Programme led by surfers and mental health professionals operating in some of South Africa’s most violent and unstable communities. The programme started in 2011 and today reaches over 250 at-risk youth each week, who receive eight hours of sea ‘n surf delivered by trained local community members: some being the first in their communities to ride waves, ever!


Waves for Change Lavender Hill coaches huddle in close. 

Waves for Change want to spread the stoke by developing sustainable, locally-owned surf culture in communities where surfing may have never existed before. So if you’re into shredding, working with groms, creating positive futures (and having the cash to do it all) then Waves for Change might just have some funding for you bru!


Waves for Change Lavender Hill girls pose before hitting the surf. Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Waves for Change are looking for Federations, NGO’s, CBO’s, Faith-based organisations, Schools, Formalised Community Groups, or even Lords-of-Dogtown-type philanthropy crews that are interested in starting or growing after-school surfing programmes to improve the wellbeing of at-risk youth.

They are offering a solid 24 month, $25,000 support package that will cover everything from curriculum training, staff salaries, surf equipment, board wax – the works.


Shakas to the Waves for Change groms.

This year Waves for Change will have capacity to work with at least one partner (granted they meet the humble requirements). So if you are interested in partnering with Waves for Change and becoming a game-changer in your community this 2016, drop-in and check out the details on how to apply for the Waves for Change Get Funded support package here: www.zigzag.co.za/get-funded

Check out the Waves for Change award winning (2015 Le Book Creative Award) video used to raise awareness on how surfing is addressing violence in South African townships:

That wave could save a life – so get to your feet, fill in the forms and ride it!

For more info check out Waves for Change on the interwebs:

Website: www.waves-for-change.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WavesforChange
Twitter: @WavesforChange
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wavesforchange

*Images supplied © Waves for Change

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