25 May, 2016 25 May, 2016

Get Frothing, Get Funded With Waves For Change

Do you dig hanging out with groms? Are you passionate about child development and community upliftment? Or do you just love the ocean and want to share the stoke?

In communities where youth unemployment is 60%+, award winning Surf Therapy Programme, Waves for Change, is playing a vital role in bringing new skills, employment opportunities and social networks that significantly increase child safety, child wellbeing and community cohesion – and they want you to work with them!


If you haven’t yet heard, Waves for Change are looking for Federations, NGO’s, CBO’s, Faith-based organisations, Schools, Formalised Community Groups, or even Lords-of-Dogtown-type philanthropy crews that are interested in starting or growing after-school surfing programmes to improve the wellbeing of at-risk youth.

They are offering a solid 24 month, $25,000 support package that will cover everything from curriculum training, staff salaries, surf equipment, board wax – the works.


Apply to be game changer and get more groms ripping in your community today, by following the link: www.waves-for-change.org/calling-surf-gamechangers-we-want-you

Get frothing, get funded with Waves for Change!


More info here:

Website: www.waves-for-change.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WavesforChange
Twitter: @WavesforChange #‎wavesforchange
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wavesforchange

*Images sourced © Waves for Change

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