7 May, 2015 7 May, 2015

Find the Golden Ticket & Win a Quiver!

Since November 2012, Zag has been going Willy Wonka on you…


For the past 21 issues, we’ve randomly inserted a Golden Ticket into one copy of Zigzag, which gets sent out to an undisclosed location or subscriber around the country. And if you find it, that means you’ve just won yourself a quiver of three surfboards from one of SA’s top shapers valued at R10 000. There is no ‘enter here’, or ‘SMS now to stand a chance’: if you find the ticket, you’re the winner…

And we’ve stoked out plenty of readers over the past two and a half years:

Just some of the lucky readers who’ve won themselves a quiver.

And the winning continues; Branden Nel won three custom sleds shaped by Peter Lawson when he found a Golden Ticket in his copy of last issue’s Zag (39.3).

“Oh my goodness, there is so much excitement in my house right now,” exclaimed stoked mom, Mel Nel, to let us know that Branden had found the Golden Ticket:

Three new surfboards, one big smile.

Another Golden Ticket has been hidden in a copy of the current issue – Zigzag 39.4 – which has just gone on sale across the country. Find it and the next quiver is yours…


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