12 November, 2014 12 November, 2014

Find the Golden Ticket, Win a Quiver!

With each new issue of Zigzag, we’ve been giving away a quiver of three custom surfboards shaped by one of SA’s best shapers to one lucky reader.

To win one of these quivers is simple – all you’ve got to do is find the Golden Ticket in your copy of the mag, like 11 year-old Nathan Spalding did when he found the ticket in his copy of issue 38.5. We recently met up with Nathan to present him with three new boards from Dennis Ellis of the Boardroom, who sponsored that issue’s prize.

For issue 38.8, which is currently on sale, three custom sleds shaped by Glen Row are up for grabs. We’ve already had a few stoked e-mails from readers who thought it was their lucky day after they’d spotted a Golden Ticket printed on page 22 of the latest issue. Unfortunately that isn’t the actual winning ticket, but was included as an example of what to look out for.

The example on page 22 of the latest issue is not the winning ticket.

The winning ticket will have a unique code printed on it and will be inserted loosely in the magazine. The good news is that it’s still out there waiting to be found.

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