12 June, 2013 12 June, 2013

Clean Your Beach and WIN with Tuffy and Ocean Minded


Why’s there a garbage bag in the new Zag?

Well, waves aren’t the only thing we like clean. We like our beaches clean too, which is why we’ve partnered up with our good amigos at Tuffy Bags once more to include a state of the art garbage removal device gratis with this mag. And we say that with our tongue only half in our cheek: Tuffy is the only company to make refuse bags from 100% recycled material, using old junk and plastic cleaned out of the environment. So when you fill this sucker up with trash from the beach, you’re completing the vital recycling circle and cleaning your home break at the same time. High five.

Not only do you automatically score a green Noddy badge and the next set wave, but we’re also giving away loads of Ocean Minded footwear, 40 trucker caps and 40 roofrack softies to the people who send us evidence of themselves putting their bags to the best use. Organise a beach cleanup or go solo. Make us laugh, make us nod approvingly, or both. We’re going to be kitting you out for a good cause.

Send all entries to comps@zigzag.co.za with the subject header ‘Tuffy Beach Clean’. Winners will be announced in the next issue (37.6) of Zag.

Here’s a look at some of the eco-warriors who took part in last year’s partnership with Tuffy:









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