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A Statement Re: The Miss Zag Top 6

We’ve noticed that there’s been some dispute online as to the six finalists selected in the search for Miss Zag.


Naturally, narrowing down the finalists and ultimate winner in a competition like this will always be difficult, but this was done fairly and in accordance with all the rules, which clearly state that the finalists would be selected based upon their portfolio first, and then take into account their online activity and public votes.

The public vote counted a hefty 40% towards the overall vote to select the finalists. The other 60% was made up by a panel of six judges – two from Zigzag Magazine, two from Rip Curl (the event sponsors), and two from Boss Models. You needed 40% plus to be in contention. This split allows the public to be fairly involved and help determine the finalists, but also safeguards against someone becoming a finalist / winner purely because they managed to canvas the most votes. In other words, even if a person got all the public votes, they would still need to secure at least one judge’s vote to be in the running (we’ll be happy to break down the maths further for anyone who’s interested).

Unfortunately neither Yolandi Malherbe nor Jade Faibrother received a counting vote from the judging panel when it came to deciding the six finalists. This is not an indictment on them, or any of the other contestants who entered. They were both fantastic contestants and Zigzag loved having them involved. Nor did the judge’s decision have anything to do with prior modelling work any of the contestants may have done (as has been implied by some of the public comments).

The judges made their decision based simply on who they felt best embodies the look and ethos of Miss Zag, which includes becoming a model for Boss Models and a model for Rip Curl ladies wear. This was then added to the public votes to decide your final six.

Bear in mind that there were over 70 other very attractive contestants with great portfolios who were not selected as finalists.

So, to make a long story short, Zigzag unequivocally stands by the six finalists selected in the search for Miss Zag and we thank everyone for their participation in what has been a cracker event. Stand by for the announcement on who is officially the winner and SA’s sexiest beach babe.

See more here: www.misszag.co.za

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