9 September, 2016 9 September, 2016

Sneak Peek – 40.7

Imagine having a life-altering session and not telling anyone about it. Imagine not being able to re-enact your first barrel for your friends or blab to your kids about the wild surf trips that shaped your youth… We navigate our world through stories and not being able to share them, is unthinkable.

Small stories or tall stories. Stories we want to share with just one or with the whole world. Whether they’re stories of action or love, told from reality or imagination, whispered around a warm campfire or bellowed in a cold carpark – from beginning to end, stories are the fabric of human existence. The water cycle of our memory and imagination.

Once upon a time, forty years ago, Zigzag began sharing these slabs of literature and we couldn’t be more proud to have bound yet another surf epic. So gather ’round and huddle in close for tales from far and wide – the latest issue of Zigzag is here.


Zigzag 40.7 is sailing into stores and subscribers’ post boxes nationwide. If you’ve been chained to your desk or can’t wait to get to the nearest mag stand, have a peep through the keyhole into this month’s Narnia of SA surf. This is just the beginning…



Shipping lanes aren’t meant for surfing, but you wouldn’t try telling that to Twiggy and Andrew Lange who tackle some vicious sets detonating across Durban’s Harbour mouth…



FEATURE: Frank Me I’m Famous

From Hout Bay to Hollywood… Frank Solomon isn’t a household name on the international surf scene, but that’s set to change with the release of the biggest surf film of 2016: Let’s Be Frank – The Double Life of Frank James Solomon.



FEATURE: The Salt Shepherd

Introducing Overberg sheep farmer, Juriah Muller, who swaps the shears for a big wave gun every time the swell is cranking at Cape Town’s big wave reefs…



FEATURE: Story Time

A collection of our finest photos accompanied by fishy tales and tall stories from J-Bay to distant shores…



INSIDE SCORE: The 2016 Boardshort & Bikini Guide

It’s time to shake the winter frost from our flesh, summer is here! But since being naked in public is (apparently) illegal, thankfully we have the latest guide of boardies and bikinis to keep you stylish, comfortable and felony-free. You’re going to be spending your next few months in these skimpy pieces of fabric and we want to make sure you get it right!



This is not the end.

SUPER USER: Don’t miss a story again!

Since we’ve already got you this far, naturally we’re going to try and sell you something quick… But hey, at least this one comes in an epic barrel!


Trolleys and till-points not your vibe? Then hook up a subscription and get the mag delivered straight to your post box by the Zag elves! And if you’re really into gifts – why not treat yourself (or another) and sign up to be a Zag ‘Super User’. The Super User is the Power Ranger, the penthouse, the Zorro of Zigzag subscriptions, where you get your mag hot off the printing press and couriered straight to your stoep with a gang of gifts every time. Caps, wax, t-shirts, wallets, socks, vouchers, sunscreen and loads of other swanky juice. More on how to become a Super User HERE.

*On the Cover of Zigzag 40.7 Matt Bromley in Nias © Diogo D’orey. Full Story inside!


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