Rest In Peace, Vaughan Jones (1952 – 2014)

The PE surf community lost one of its local legends on Tuesday afternoon. Vaughan Jones, known as Mr Jones to many, passed away whilst surfing Rincon. It’s believed he suffered a fatal heart attack. “Vaughan had just paddled back to the line-up after a kiff wave and the guys in the water said he slipped off his board and was floating on his back as if he was relaxing or getting too hot,” reported a saddened Andre Venter to popular PE surfing website “Then when a set came through they realized something was wrong as he did not get back onto his board. Four guys paddled over and put him on a board and brought him to the beach. They started with CPR before medics arrived, and then the medics tried their best for at least 20 to 30 minutes. They said his lungs were filled with water. His heart did give a flutter at one stage but it was to no avail, all our hearts just sunk as a great surfer and friend surfed his last wave.” A memorial paddle out for Vaughan has been scheduled for 1:00pm this Sunday at Pipe. The EP Junior trials that are … Continue reading Rest In Peace, Vaughan Jones (1952 – 2014)