6 November, 2014 6 November, 2014

Matt Pallet Throws Out Trick Challenge


For many the ocean is a playground. For surfers like Matt Pallet however, it’s a salty skatepark. He gets his kicks by learning new tricks, and the Durban North local has just thrown out a challenge asking that you tell him what crazy move to try next.

Attempting new tricks comes with its risks (which adds to the entertainment*).

Once he identifies a trick to try next, he’ll then make a video of his attempts to land it. Matt makes some rad surf edits (see improperproductions.com), so we are amped to see how this challenge unfolds.

To get the ball rolling he chose the Passion Pop:

This is what Matt had to say about the challenge on his website:

Trick Challenges are something fun that everyone can get involved in.

All you need to do is follow @mattpallet on Instagram and leave a comment with a trick that you want me to try. If I think your trick suggestion is a good one, I will go out and try it and make a video of the attempts, and/or the final completed trick.

If I choose your trick you will get a shout out on Instagram and I’ll put your comment and name in the video. Be creative. It can be anything that is possible (don’t say, do a triple backflip) and the more unique and fun sounding the trick is the better.

Ha! There are no rules here, but generally what will happen is I will film the first surf that I try the trick. If I make it then great, if I don’t make it then I will give myself about a week or so to land one on camera. Then I’ll stick it into the video to show the trick.


* just as long as nobody gets hurt in the process.

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