2 November, 2013 2 November, 2013

Match-Up of the Weekend – Slade Prestwich vs Gabriel Medina


Slade Prestwich is through to the quarter-finals of the HD World Junior Champs in Florianopolis, Brazil, where he is set to face Dream Tour sensation, Gabriel Medina.

It’s going to be a tough heat for the ripper who honed his skills on the groomed sand points of the KZN south coast – especially since the contest venue at Joaquina is more a dumpy beach break, than the lined-up walls he’d prefer to show his true potential on.

Something like the waves he surfed to victory at the VQS Global Champs at Cloudbreak earlier this year would do nicely.

Slade stormed to victory at Cloudbreak in June at the VQS Global Champs.

Still, Slade has been a regular face in the Durban lineup, his new home base, and he’s been making the most of the gutless surf the Golden Mile has had to endure for much of 2013. Those sessions have ensured that his repertoire has become well-rounded and worthy of a spot amongst the world’s top eight juniors.

Three more heat wins and he’ll officially be the world’s best Under 20 surfer.

But first he’ll need to get past Gabriel Medina, who won’t be looking to hand over those bragging rights to the stylish Saffa without a heck of a fight.

With a repertoire that includes these, a heat against Gabriel Medina is never easy.

Bianca Buitendag is also through to the quarter finals in the Pro Junior Women’s division, and both will surf their heats on Saturday – just a few hours from now.

Watch Slade take on Gabriel, and Bianca look to finish her great season on a high LIVE HERE>>

To get you pumped up for the match-up, take a look at some of the skills the South African contender will be bringing to the show.

Filmed and edited by his buddy Shaun HQ.

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