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Life’s Good for Surfer Blake (10)

For many of our longer-in-the-tooth readers, it’s hard to remember a time when life was simple. When instead of bills and taxes, we could concentrate on the good things, like getting barrelled and reading Zigzag.

But then a smiling grom will come along and remind us about stoke, and that there’s more to life than bills and the dreaded taxman. Zigzag Issue 37.2 letters winner Blake Saayman is one such grom, and in his winning letter below the Durbanite lists the things that mean the world to him.

His headmaster Mr Glenn Jones kept the stoke burning even stronger for Blake, when he was handed his Quiksilver hamper for his winning letter in front of the entire assembly at his school, Clifton Prep.


The headmaster then proceeded to read out Blake’s winning letter to the assembly, before discussing some of the points young Blake had raised.

[Blake’s letter as it appears in Zag Issue 37.2]


Hi. My name is Blake. I am 10. I live in Durban. I’ve been reading Zigzag since I was three. Well I probably looked at pics when I was young, but the first time I saw Zigzag it made me want to be a surfer.

My uncle Miles is a good surfer. He introduced surfing and Zigzag to me. I think Zigzag is much better than other magazines. I have 16 mags because I don’t know what happened to the other ones. I’ve always wanted to get sponsored.

I go to Ballito a lot and have holidays there. My favourite surfer is Jordy Smith. My favourite places is J-Bay (sic), Pipe, Indo, Cape Town, Bay of Plenty and Ballito.

Thanks for a great magazine.
Blake, Durban

Your uncle Miles sounds like a very clever man. Be sure to wax his board and fetch him a beer whenever he asks you, you owe him. – Ed


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