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Wok Your Socks Off – Warwick Wright Launches Clothing Range

Being a past ISA World Junior Surfing Champ, a winner of the Quiksilver Goodwave, having claimed a WQS event win in Brazil, as well as multiple SA and KZN titles, it’s often easy to forget amongst all the controversy that Warwick Wright is one of SA’s most accomplished surfers.

Wok put competitive surfing aside a while back, and now he is trying his hand at fashion. We spoke to him about his IAMWOK range that’s just about to hit the streets.


ZIGZAG: So, Wok, you’re launching a new clothing range. Tell us more.
WOK: Ja, so I’ve just finished the first run of my IAMWOK range. I was pretty lucky that I had a platform to come off starting the blog and turning it now into a brand. It’s something I always wanted to do, but it was a bit difficult, because I was sponsored at the time and it would have been a conflict of interest. But everything happens for a reason and I’m pretty psyched about it. The style I’m going for is basically just the shit I’d like to wear. I like edgy and controversial stuff with a good fit – pretty simple

You were dropped by your longtime sponsor after making comments about women’s surfing that were deemed sexist. It appears that some of your new clothing range represents your feelings about this. Is that the case?
It probably does come off that way, but to be honest that’s just me, I like to stir the pot. I’m far from sexist, but the fact people think that way makes it better and creates more hype and I land up succeeding in my own little way. I just made a woman’s tee called the “Cori Story” – it’s dedicated to the woman who got me dropped from my sponsor. The print says “I’m Not Sorry”. I really hope she buys one. I got a feeling it’s going to be the best seller.

Wok still likes to get pitted. This one’s from a trip to G-Land earlier this year.

You previously represented a brand, and now you are the brand, how has that changed the way you handle yourself in the public eye?
Nothing has changed, really. I built my brand from the ground up, and even when I was with Billabong it was taking shape. Over the last two years I was already being looked at as this controversial bad boy, and to be honest, I love it. I’ll keep pushing it till the lights go out.

Every business has a target market. Who are you aiming for?
Right now I just want what I’m producing to be seen, that’s all. If people dig my shit and buy it, I’ll be stoked. I find it hard to see older people in it, because it’s pretty provocative, but that’s the route I went. Maybe one day I’ll sell my range to a massive retailer and be a sell-out and have a whole bunch of dorks wearing my stuff (laughs). Whatever gets me paid!

The prints on some of the new T-Shirts are going to raise a few eyebrows. Is that the point?
If it doesn’t raise eyebrows, then I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board, because I would have done something terribly wrong (laughs). Look, it’s my first time doing this and I’ve got a lot to learn. I’m looking at my next range already. I’d like to work on some cool designs that are a little more toned down – less is more.


For those that dig the range, where are they going to be able to buy some items?
Well, tomorrow I’m doing my official launch at Taco Zulu from 6:30pm. I’m going to be selling a bit of my stuff there. Dirty Collective in Florida Rd are stocking at there store, and are also selling online at dirtycollective.co.za. They can also e-mail me on iamwok1984@gmail.com or on facebook.com/warwick.wok.wright, or give me a call on 071 855 4797.


See more about Warwick’s range on his blog here>>


  1. SAVage
    10 November, 2013 at 4:19 am · Reply

    So only Jordy and a few other nobs like the Redmans are going to buy something?

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    Thanks for sharing this. I am waiting your next content.

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