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Victory, Boards and Roots with Jordy Smith

Following his confidence boosting victory at the Hurley Pro at Trestles last week, we chatted with Jordy Smith about his victory, boards and his new (temporary) home in California.

Victory at Trestles moved Jordy up to 11th in the world rankings.

ZIGZAG: Congrats on your victory at Trestles, bru. How was the win?
JORDY SMITH: It was really fun. I loved having my family there with me. Also having my best mate coaching me to victory was all time.

What was it like surfing against John John in that final? He consistently scored 9.0’s throughout the event, which must play on most competitors’ minds.  What was going through your head at the time?
Well, I knew he was going to do his thing and I knew I hadn’t scored my share of 9-plus rides yet, so they where right around the corner. And then Travis actually got me really pumped, he said a few things to me and it got me extremely motivated. It’s funny how your best friends know which buttons to push to get you going (laughs). But overall, I just needed to go surfing.

Jordy focussed on ‘just surfing’ at Trestles, which paid off with his first victory in 2014.

There is always pressure on you guys to perform, but as SA’s world title hopeful were you feeling the pressure before your win? Has the pressure been lifted somewhat now?
For sure. I just wanted to surf well and consistent. At the other events this year, I felt like I couldn’t be touched. At Trestles though, I was just surfing – not tearing – but I won the competition. It might be that my expectations are set a little too high at times when I probably should just go surfing.

You broke your favourite board early on in the competition. You must have been gutted?
My first board was amazing. It was something I had been working on for a while, but then it broke! I must admit that I lost a bit of confidence after that, but then the event got called off because of the lighting and at that moment I knew that it was shaping up to be something special. Everything happens for a reason. Channel Islands shaped me another board in one day, finished, and I got to ride it the next. It went great!


How difficult is it to hang onto those magic boards, and how often do you come across them?
I’ve been coming across a lot lately (laughs), but when you get them you just want to wrap them up.

Who impressed you the most during the Trestles comp?
John John probably had his best heat ever, so far. I’m sure he has a bit more in the tank. That was pretty sick to watch. It got me really amped!

Are there any special projects that you’re working on outside of competing? A new movie release perhaps? 
Nah, I’m just focussing on getting some great waves and having fun.

Finding exactly what he was looking for in Mozambique earlier this year.

You mentioned that you’re out of the title race. What are your goals for the rest of 2014?
Top 10, but who knows…

And then 2015? Will you be approaching next year any differently?
Ooooh yes…

You’ve been spending a lot of time in California. The commentators mentioned that you’ve moved there.
Just the back end of the year.

How have you settled in? What about your place in Cape Town?  
I’m still keeping it (his home in Cape Town) and will be returning soon. My home is the world, but South Africa is where my roots lie.

Jordy will be looking to improve on his 9th at the Quiksilver Pro France last year.

France next. What are the waves looking like for the Quiksilver Pro France
Yeah, the banks are always fun. It just depends on the swell, which looks pretty good according to the forecast…

Shot Jordy, good luck in France. We’ll be right behind you.
Thanks for the support.


  1. Craig Drysdale
    25 September, 2014 at 5:31 pm · Reply

    well done Jordy. To be honest I recon your surfing this year has been top notch and in my opinion the best on tour.

  2. oppi
    26 September, 2014 at 8:32 am · Reply

    nah..no chance.
    Considering he grew up surfing kak waves in Durban,it always seems unless there is a groundswell moving under his feet he bloopers.
    My opinion is he might never win a world title soon enough and the chances of later, is min,as we see a new generation filtering through
    But well done anyways

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