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Saving For World Champs, China!

Ripping J-Bay goofyfoot and musician, Steven Sawyer, who released his new album Summer Daze earlier this year, is currently using his music to raise funds for an upcoming trip to China.

Steve in his room with a pile of his latest album – Summer Daze.

If he can get the bucks he needs, Steve will be one of 36 surfers from around the world competing in the Jeep World Longboard Championships, which takes place in Riyue Bay on Hainan Island in the South China sea next month. We caught up with Steve to find out more:

“I used to have sponsors that would pay for my trips overseas, but over the past two years I’ve been pushing music and surfing together as a package” said Steve. “I’ve been doing surf coaching and gigs as well as selling CDs to fund my everyday life. Building your own momentum is tough and tiring but so rewarding. For example, I can’t just go to the World Champs in China now that I’ve finally qualified. I still have to work for the money to get there, so at times it gets challenging but it’s so worth it. I couldn’t even explain how stoked I am, I’m still living my dream.”

A preview of five tracks from ‘Summer Daze’ to give you an idea of Steven’s vibe.

“I haven’t competed internationally on the longboards just yet, but I’ve been doing it in SA for years. So far I’ve won two SA titles and got three second places. This trip is going to be an eye opener in so many ways. The Chinese culture is by far one of the most interesting in my opinion, and the level of competition within the contest is higher than I’ve ever experienced. I’ve also organised to play some music during my time that side as well, which is really exciting in itself! I’m equally passionate about both surfing and music and would never be able to put one above the other.”

“My goal is to stay in the present moment. As soon as you put your eyes on a future prize that you could never predict or control, your focus on what’s happening around you gets short circuited.”

Toes on the nose at the 2015 SA Longboard Champs at Seal Point.

“If you’d like to buy a CD I’ve got some in the Feature store, Cavendish Square in Cape Town. They’re also stocked at Country Feeling and Nina’s Restaurant in J-Bay, Surf Scene in Port Elizabeth and I’ve got a dang load of them to sell at my upcoming gigs. My new album is also available online through iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and a couple of other music platforms.” – Steven

Wanna check him live and support the cause? Steve will be jamming at Cape St Francis Brewing Co. at 7:00pm this coming Saturday 28 November. There’s also a Movember party where CD’s will be sold to raise funds for World Champs. “If people are willing to contribute anything extra I’ll be stoked.” – Steven.

In studio recording Summer Daze earlier this year.

It’s not only longboarding that Steve’s good at…

Finding the tube of the day at Supers this past weekend.

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