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Asking Andy – a quick chat with Kalk Bay Shootout co-organiser, Andrew Wilsnagh

Andrew Wilsnagh, along with fellow K-Bay local Luke Jordaan, are part of the organising committee of the Kalk Bay Shootout – which is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

We had a quick chat with Andrew to learn more about this unique event – the one everyone wants (but only a few get) an invite for.


ZIGZAG: Howzit Andrew, tell us how the Kalk Bay Shootout came about?
ANDREW: The bodyboarders invited us (the surfers) to participate in their event, which has been running for around about the last decade.

What makes K-Bay so special?
Kalk Bay is basically a lot of water breaking over a very shallow reef with a tiny take-off area, which leaves very little room for error. It is not the kind of spot you can just pitch up to and surf – you definitely have to put in your time.

A special place indeed! Kalk Bay unloads for the Shootout.

Predicting when The Reef is going to fire is a gamble at the best of times – huge swells often just go right past False Bay without wrapping in. What specific conditions were you guys looking for?
We look for conditions that demand local knowledge. The focus is on the riders.

Who qualified to enter?
An invite goes to the guys that share the love for a very special wave. The invitees are both old and young. It has nothing really to do with skill or status, just a fun family day. I guess it is a bit like the Eddie. Maybe not, but kind of.

What was the highlight, in your opinion?
Johnny Maritz’s absolutely huge invert in the final. Local knowledge, skill and fitness shown by a great waterman!

Johnny busts out for the win.

Who were the standouts?
Chris Molde and JP Nortier. It was a lovely display of big turns, barrels, and some crazy new school bodyboarding stuff that I don’t know the names of.

Kalk Bay is renowned for handing out hidings. Who copped it the worst during the Shootout?
Ross Nortier, without a doubt!

Andrew takes a tumble of his own during the Shootout.

Do you think the idea has legs to run at other spots around SA, and can we look forward to more Shootouts in the future?
We would love to have inter slab Shootouts across the country, but the rest need to get over their old goverment idea that there is any difference between bodyboarding and surfing. It’s racism in a different, more socially acceptable form. Craftism.


Check out the video highlights from the 2013 Kalk Bay Shootout below, or view the highlights gallery here.


  1. Squijibo
    30 September, 2013 at 5:03 pm · Reply

    Ahahahaha! Craftism. Now that is f–ken’ classic.

    Nice one guys. Rad event. Great to watch.

  2. Rob
    1 October, 2013 at 7:56 am · Reply

    A lot of people can learn from the way Andrew handles himself in the water. He’s spent his time at The Reef and has earned respect. He’s a geniune oke and has made a lot of friends. He doesn’t need to tell anyone he’s a local, drop in on others or threaten and throw punches, attempt to drown people etc. He respects all wave riders. Congrats on a great event guys and also to Zag for covering it.

  3. Stylin Kbay
    1 October, 2013 at 10:38 am · Reply

    Ja old school people must get with the program – we are all part of the same ocean experience ……so stop hating and do something positive like Andrew has done here -well done ….Fence in PE is another prime example of how the two board riding types can be chilled and not be so aggro towards one another…..most of the time.

  4. ragged
    1 October, 2013 at 1:55 pm · Reply

    ja,SUPs are the enemy now,not Lids anymore,
    time to move on with the times ..LOL

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