22 August, 2013 22 August, 2013

Hey PE, Come Slow Dancing with Zag!

Zag is inviting the lovely surf community of Port Elizabeth to come Slow Dancing with us.


Well, kinda…

‘Slow Dance’ is the name of former PE grom, now worldwide traveller, Craig Anderson’s new signature movie – which has just been released.

You may have seen some of the behind-the-scenes moments captured by Zag’s photo guru Alan van Gysen, and if you did then you’ll know that Dane Reynolds (the movie’s producer) and Ando spared no expense in trying to capture Craig’s surfing in all its hi-definition and slow-mo glory – so it’s a feast for the eyes.


And if you never got a chance to watch it when it was available for free viewing for 24 hours earlier this month, then do yourself a favour and come and take a look.

So, howzit? Would you like to come slow dance with us? It’s free…

Place: The Island – at Pine Lodge
Date: Friday 23 August
Time: 19h00
What to Expect: Craig Anderson’s smooth grooves on waves that will make you drool – both near and far. Mixed with a soundtrack that will have you up on your feet and grooving along.
Extras: Josh from The Island has the band booked and the drinks on ice, so has assured us that the foot-tapping won’t stop once the film’s credits fade to black.


Craig would if he could, but he has sent his best friend Dono Zoetmulder to fill in for him on the night, along with a special message to his PE brothers back home.

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