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Help Get Mike To Mavericks


Mike Schlebach is well known for his commitment to surfing waves of serious consequence. Whether charging Sunset or Dungeons, a stones throw away from his home in Kommetjie, or heavy waves like Bayview or Buffels he has become a respected member of the South African big wave community. So much so that Mike was the Cape Town big wave community’s first choice for the seven slots allocated to locals at this year’s ASP Dungeons Challenge event. The contest didn’t run but now Mike has another crack at the big time.

His hard-charging reputation has seen him make it onto the prestigious list for the ‘Titans of Mavericks’ event. 36 of the worlds best big wave surfers have been pre-selected for Mavericks this season from which 24 will be given a final spot in the actual Mavericks event, the crown jewel in competitive big wave surfing. The same event South Africans Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker and Chris Bertish have won.

But Mike needs to get over there and prove himself for the spot, and surf places like Mavs, Jaws and Cortez Bank. Mike didn’t ask for help, he’s not that kind of guy, but a group of fellow Kommetjie big wave surfers have banded together and stepped up on his behalf to raise funds for his dream. And this is the part where you can help too.

Mike’s good friends and fellow big wave chargers have started a fund to help get him to Mavericks and beyond. See their plea below. And if you can help, dig deep, pay it forward and let’s help this Saffa hellman realise that dream:


We like Mike because he’s a humble, respectful, kind, good guy who shoots straight on land, and is a fierce competitor and a balls-forward-charger in the water (sorry ladies, but there really isn’t another way of saying that).

He is also a husband to Belinda, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend to many and the owner of a small business that seeks to create jobs and do business with sustainable integrity. He’s a Kommetjie local for life and the president of the newly formed “Kommetjie Surf Club.”

Now, by some truly amazing feats of charging at Mav’s in 2009 / 10 he has made it onto a list of 36 of the worlds best big wave surfers from which 24 are being selected to compete in this year’s ‘Titans of Mavericks‘ event held at Mavericks in California.

Mike is mid 30’s now and he is running out of time to pursue his dream of becoming a pro surfer. This is his last shot. Ironically, it’s also his first shot. By his own admittance, the chances of him making it into the last 24 are slim. But Mike is a bonafide contender. A true fighter.

Like the guys who have gone before him he wants to go back and spend some time swinging his axe at the big trees called Mavericks, Jaws and (hopefully) Cortez Bank. We want to help him live that dream. He deserves a chance, he’s one of our finest and there are several of us who think his dream is worth investing in!


We have this dream where lots of people contribute a couple of hundred bucks adding up to a big amount that we can give to this surfer so that he can go and chase their dream.

Pure stoke.

Dream seed.

Doing to others what you’d want others to do for you.

Earlier this year we raised R85 000 in less than two weeks for Ruth and Max Armstrong to represent SA at the world junior games in South America.

Mike’s not the first and he’s not the last. Pay it forward.

Please see the bank details below if you’re are keen to throw some coin into the pot at the bottom of the rainbow.

If you can’t give cash, then share the story, maybe someone else is keen.

Standard Bank
Fish Hoek
Acc – 072117834

*** Reference should be – BFM (BachForMav’s) followed by your surname or business name.

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  1. Ant Emslie
    23 October, 2014 at 7:20 pm · Reply

    great idea – when does one need to make a deposit by??

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