8 June, 2012 8 June, 2012

WTF? Twiggy. 15′ Fiji. Say no more.

While most South Africans were curled up in bed around 2:30am this morning, a historical freesurf was going down on the other end of the world.

15-20′ waves were barrelling across the reef at Cloudbreak, Fiji, with the best big wave riders in the world and a handful of World Tour contenders having a crack.

Contest organisers had wisely called off the Volcom Fiji Pro after just two heats, citing the fact that it was “just too dangerous out there”. Which meant game-on for the loons who had jetted in especially for the occasion.

Amongst the crew of 9-0 toting surfers was none other than Grant Twiggy Baker, who has been chasing down insane waves and solid entries for the Oakley One Wave Wonder the entire year. This would be Twiggy’s first time ever in Fiji, surfing Cloudbreak. As would be expected, Twig eased himself into the lineup and was cautious during his virgin surf at the famous reef. Not.

Twig got spat out of one of the biggest, roundest backhand barrels of the day after dropping into a set wave and backdooring the ledge. We’re not going to put a size to this puppy, but suffice to say it’s right up there as one of the heaviest paddle-in tubes ever ridden by a South African.

The clip below is not an official entry for the Oakley One Wave Wonder (it’s an excerpt from Red Bull TV’s live coverage of the session), but rest assured, Twiggy will be in serious contention with this pit.


Stand by for the official entry, and watch the rest of the historical session from Red Bull on http://live.redbull.tv/events/94/volcomproday3/

Twiggy Baker, massive Cloudbreak tube from Zag Tv on Vimeo.

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