15 July, 2014 15 July, 2014

The Warrior Spirit

It was while staring at this image of Fred Pattachia taking care of business in Round 3 at the J-Bay Open when it hit home.

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Although it is a solid point-scoring turn by the Hawaiian, if we’re being honest, it’s standard when compared to the hundreds of images we scan through each day. So it would usually get cut when we’re looking to compile a selection of the day’s most epic moments.

But this one is different. Look a little closer and you’ll see it in Freddie’s eyes. And his forehead. They back-up a thought we were having about the old-guard on the Dream Tour showing some of the younger guys how these battles are ultimately won. Through steely determination and not by talent and tricks alone.


He looks like a warrior hungry for victory. Unafraid of showing that he really cares. It tells a hell of a story about the J-Bay Open. The guys that are more focussed appear to be winning the match-ups.

Of course we’re purely speaking from the perspective of spectators on the boardwalk. Body language is doing the talking.

Either way it has been incredibly exciting.

Check out a gallery of a few of Round 3 and 4’s best moments.

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  1. Stoked
    17 July, 2014 at 10:54 pm · Reply

    Go Freddy!!!!!!

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