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The Family Board

Some years back, Tony van Ginkel became the unsuspecting owner an original John Whitmore single fin; a priceless piece of South African surfing history. After cleaning it up and doctoring the board back to life, he gave it to his son, Dave, who has been saving it for his children.

Fast forward nearly a decade.

After getting inspiration from the movie Singlefin: Yellow, Conn Bertish and Ross Frylinck conceived of a similar project, called The Family Board. The idea is to document the experience of sharing one special board, purely for the sake of witnessing the joy it brings. To make this happen, the pair approached Dave van Ginkel to ask a huge favour – allow the John Whitmore single fin to be part of their experiment.

Ross and Conn have started a travelogue, which chronicles the board’s journey as it is passed around over the next twelve months. Each recipient must “record and write about their experience with the board, as well as to share a moment of trust they have experienced in their lives, before passing it on to someone they trust.” It can go anywhere, to anyone trustworthy. The only requirement is that the board makes it back to its rightful owner by 1 December, 2013.

Obviously on the part of van Ginkels, it is a leap of faith to lend a prized relic to complete strangers, but that’s what this project is all about: putting trust in people. As the website says, “The project is an experiment to see see if a chain of trust can extend across oceans, cultures and continents.” The board was passed along for the first time at the Wavescape Film Festival this month and is currently riding the first waves of its long, exciting journey, which all started with the Oom South African surfing.

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  1. Vinosiris
    3 January, 2013 at 9:22 pm · Reply

    oom tony will moer you if anything happens to that board

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