12 September, 2013 12 September, 2013

The Africa Project Lights Up in Europe


“To come to Europe and take my film to 48 cinemas in six countries, all at the same time on one night – it’s a dream come true. I never would have dreamed that when I started making the film.”

Those were the words from stoked Cape Town filmmaker Jason Hearn on opening night of Red Bull’s HEROES BY NATURE tour, which kicked-off in Münster, Germany earlier this month.

His movie, The Africa Project, was the highlight of the show alongside Aussie chargers Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke Jones’ movie – Storm Surfers 3D.


The HEROES BY NATURE tour will be featuring inspiring movies from a broad spectrum of action sports, but it was surfing that Red Bull choose to kick off their tour with a bang, and Jason, Tom and Ross were all invited to the Münster premiere – where they could engage with their audience and discuss the movie once the credits finished rolling.

And now, thanks to The Africa Project, eyes all across Europe will be opened to the stoke, sick waves and good vibes that Africa has to offer.

Watch snippets from the opening night below, or check out www.heroesbynature.com for more details.

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