17 December, 2013 17 December, 2013

Shark bites surfer at Die Plaat, near Gans Bay

While waiting for a wave at approximately 8:45am yesterday, 16 December, a teenager surfing with two friends at Die Plaat, near Gans Bay, was bitten by what an eye witness is calling a three metre-long shark.

Much like the attack on Kevin Bracey in June at Queensberry Bay, the shark bit the victim’s left thigh, but further injury was prevented when the lower jaw clamped down on his surfboard instead of soft flesh.

The three surfers hastily made their way to shore, before rushing the victim to hospital to get his wounds treated.

Alison Kock from Shark Spotters suggests that based on descriptions, it is believed the shark was a great white. She also advised all water users in the Western Cape to bear in mind that summer is a peak time for sharks to move closer to shore as they follow schools of fish, small sharks and rays.


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