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Chad Du Toit takes the May win for the Oakley One Wave Wonder with his crazy three-hit combo, even after Twiggy and Kate dropped a last minute booby-trap.

Instead of Twiggy pulling into a massive slab as per normal, the ride was of better half Kate Lovemore, riding straight on a one foot foamie, then falling off and losing her bikini top. “We’re going for the public vote this month!” Twiggy chirped, shortly after putting the entry in. The clip immediately went viral and threatened to implode the One Wave Wonder hit counter with over 14 000 views.

Sanity prevailed in the end though, and Chad’s wave scooped a unanimous 5 out of 5 from the judges and over half the public vote, making him the undisputed winner. Chad scores a sweet R9000 for his ride with an additional R6000 going to videographer Blake Myers, who documented the ride. Read the interview with Chad on his win here.

There’s only one finalist left to be decided now by the end of June, after which all five finalists will be in contention for the mega Ride of the Season award. The Ride of the Season earns a further R30 000 cash for the surfer, as well as a Yamaha Wave Runner valued at R120 000. The person who documents the ride hardly goes away empty handed either, and scores an all expenses paid trip for two to Indo, made possible by All Aboard Surf Travel.

While Kate’s tongue-in-cheek ride may not have won, she does win the One Wave Wonder Booby Prize for being such a good sport – and for clocking over 10 000 more views than Twig’s winning tube from last year. Kate scores a pair of Oakley sunnies, a custom board from legendary shaper Spider Murphy, and a roll of two-sided tape to keep everything in place.


Calvin Bradley: Chad Du Toit
As far as my 1WW vote is concerned, this was one month where I actually didn’t want to be a judge as so many of the rides made me take notice. Chad Marais’, Dylan Lightfoot’s and Chad Du Toit’s in particular. In the end I felt that Dylan and Chad Marais’ waves were perfect and well-ridden, whereas Cheeky Chad’s was not a perfect wave, but it was perfectly ridden. Probably would’ve scored a 12 at the Billabong Rio Pro.

Dave Weare: Chad Du Toit
My vote goes to Chad Du Toit for executing a phenomenal combo wave. It’s really good to see someone putting a string of good turns and a barrel ride together on a single wave. I’m super stoked to see an average size wave ridden this good in the mix!

Jarvi: Chad Du Toit
It’s a great combo, even though the term “combo” is about as lame, tired and cliched as a forehand air reverse is these days. Guys like Jadson Andre score 4’s for reverses in World Tour events. Still, off the subject, Chad’s wave is a lekker wave. Chad is pushing hard, and he shows flair. Lame claim nearly lost my vote though.

Johnny: Chad Du Toit
The wave is exciting, and it is different, and that’s enough for me to give the lightie the nod.

Wok: Chad du Toit
Chad’s wave is nuts! This is exactly what I have been looking for as a judge, someone to mix it up a little, not just a huge tube or just a sick air, but a good tube, a solid turn and the crazy kerrupt to finish is more than enough to get my vote!

Tubes, airs, carves, tow-ins, tow-ats, massive waves, small waves, combos… We’re looking for anything deemed an outstanding single ride by entrants that pushes the performance of surfing. And the best thing? It’s open to any South African surfer, no matter where in the world the ride is documented.

The rules remain largely the same. The event officially starts 1 January 2012, but with a slightly different prize structure. The monthly loot has been increased to R15000, (R9000 to the surfer, R6000 to the person who documents it). All five monthly winners will automatically become finalists for the Ride of the Season, where one winner will be voted for after the contest closes on 30 June 2012.

The winning surfer will then hit the motherload with a cash prize of R30 000, and this year a Yamaha VX1100 WaveRunner valued at R120k. The person who documents it won’t fare too badly themselves, scoring an all expenses paid trip for two to Macaronis Surf Camp, worth over R50 000 and made possible by All Aboard Travel.

Groms get to cash in as well, with the best U16 clip each month winning a custom shape from Spider valued at over R3000.

As with the 2011 edition, both January and February rides will count for the first month. To upload entries or vote, simply sign up as a member on the website. Go to www.1wavewonder.co.za for all the rules, terms and conditions.

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