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#JessGetWellSoon – Help the Nicholson’s Kick Cancer’s Butt

Family and friends of former pro surfer, Simon Nicholson, and his wife Jess, will already know the heart-wrenching ordeal these parents of two brave kids are facing. For everyone else, we’ll fill you in briefly.


Having been diagnosed with a brain tumour in February last year, Jess has been fighting an expensive battle with cancer. Much of that fight would not have been possible without the support of hundreds who’ve donated to their #jessgetwellsoon fund.

The reality of the situation is that cancer treatment is expensive. Really expensive. The medication Jess is currently taking costs in excess of R120,000 per month and unfortunately medical aid doesn’t cover much of this amount because of this bit of fineprint and that – you get the idea.


Pro surfers like Mick Fanning and Travis Logie (above) and Mikey February (below) have rallied in support of Jess and Simon.


A number of fundraisers have been held across the world, the most recent hosted by Mick Fanning on the Gold Coast, which have been contributing greatly towards Jess’ ongoing treatment. Unfortunately, withdrawing R120,000 from the #jessgetwellsoon fund monthly means that donations have to keep coming in until the Nicholson’s have properly kicked cancer’s butt.

Judging by the response to a letter published in Zigzag issue 38.2 in which a number of surfing brothers and sisters were willing to donate a kidney to Eastern Cape surfer, Chris Bogers, the Saffa surf community is clearly a caring and giving bunch.

It won’t cost you a kidney, but you can help the Nicholson’s fight against cancer by donating to either of the following:

SMS your NAME to 40159 to donate R20 towards Jess’s mounting medical bills. (SA Only)

Make an online donation via the #jessgetwellsoon GoFundMe page.

Donations can also be made directly to:

ACC: 62398409170
BRANCH: Durban North
CODE: 250655

Check out the Friends of Jess Facebook page for more.

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  1. uncle onc
    14 March, 2014 at 8:41 am · Reply

    Not to mention its a huge money making racket with oncologists using outdated treatments as more modern methods have less profit margins.
    But more importantly ..it’s which oncologist you use,which in many cases effects the final result.I’m still waiting to hear who you are using as,it may just be a waste of time and money…unfortunately….last chance

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