27 November, 2013 27 November, 2013

Golden Mile Gets New Tenants

In the build up to the 2010 World Cup a number of upgrades were implemented along the Durban beachfront, giving it a spit-polish before the hordes of tourists invaded our shores to watch the spectacle.

Once the tourists departed, the Golden Mile was left with a flashy new promenade that stretched from uShaka to Blue Lagoon, and let’s be honest, the 2010 upgrade was sorely needed and is now enjoyed by a vibrant community of runners, cyclists, rollerbladers, longboard skate cruisers, posers and surf rats that scuttle along its length every day. A couple of really good-looking, modern buildings and kiosks were built, but sadly (and strangely) these stayed empty for the three long years that have passed since the football spectacle.

Concrete, grass and one or two barrels – all part of the upgraded Golden Mile.

All the while a portion of the local surf community cried into their Wimpy coffees remembering the time the Ocean Sports Complex housed not only a base for all the grommets to gather and leave their belongings somewhere safe while they ripped, but also a place for ballies to chill and grab a chow while watching their lighties shred some bowls.

Well, according to information released by the Durban Municipality this week, there’s no more need to cry, because they’ve finally leased out the buildings dotting the promenade, and if these artist impressions are set to become reality then a couple more interesting options will be opening up along the beachfront soon. (They also predict some dodgy new surf labels, a rise in mini-mals and some sketchy new fashion styles).

The new businesses are looking sick though, these include a brand new coffee house and some funky looking food kiosks, where you’ll be able to grab anything from “sushi to shisanyama” while watching the waves.

And yes, while the surf community might be anticipating what the renovations to the piers and the sand pumping scheme might deliver in the form of waves, the news of a couple more retail options on the beachfront will be welcomed as well.





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  1. SAVage
    27 November, 2013 at 1:22 pm · Reply

    What happened to the Surf museum?

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