26 June, 2013 26 June, 2013

‘Bro’ Shreds, For a Robot

Dom and Bro, ready to rip in Cape Town.

Dom and Bro, ready to rip in Cape Town.

Forget the iPhone 5 or the latest tablet from Samsung, the only new electronic device Zag is looking to get their hands on is the “Bro” radio-controlled surfer – invented and built by Cape Town local Dominic Young.

Admit it, we’ve all gone searching during windless days expecting waves, but instead of overhead peaks, all we found were ripples rolling in at our favourite spot – perfect, but ripples. Then you wished you were the size of a garden gnome (or a seagull), so you could go shred.

Jacko scopes out a lineup that would be perfect for 'Bro' during a recent trip to Gambia.

Jacko scopes out a lineup that would be perfect for ‘Bro’ during a recent trip to Gambia.

Well, measuring just 700mm X 210mm X 30mm, ‘Bro’ could be our answer for some gnome-sized flat day fun, and judging by the video Dominic’s posted on You Tube of his invention ripping apart a fun day at Cemetery, it’s hard not to want your own surfing ‘Bro’.

They’ll sting your wallet a bit retailing at R8500, but can you really put a price on pure fun?

Check out www.brorcsurfer.com for more information, or to order your radio-controlled Bro’Surfer from Dom.

During his testing around the peninsula, Dominic crossed paths with Sunset Reef pioneer Glen Bee who’s promised to help ‘Bro’ conquer Sunset sometime this winter, so we’re yet to see if ‘Bro’ rips the big stuff as well as he does the small.

(disclaimer – Dom takes no responsibility for the soundtrack, claiming his daughter was the music director for this project.)

Bro gets some air.

Bro gets some air at macking Long Beach.


  1. J
    26 June, 2013 at 1:59 pm · Reply

    Going be a serious XXL entry!

  2. Dominic Young
    27 June, 2013 at 6:54 am · Reply

    Thanks ! for the awesoem ‘mention’ Guys !… and !….for a Great surf magazine !…..local is always Lekker & Better !

    Just to clarify !…The rcSurfer concept has been around since the 80’s ….Originally pioneered back then by both US born Chris Barrella ( pro surfer and artist) and OZZY born – Jason Hall….

    Since then, modern rc and electronic technology has come a long way, allowing us custom rcSurfer designers and builders to step up the overall performance of these little dudes – making them quite formidable in most any size Surf !…….

    For those who would be keen to surf a wave with Bro’ -anytime you spot me on the beach – feel free to come over and ‘try your hand’ at ‘Shredding a Wave !…..be warned…..their is no known cure for the ‘addiction’……..LOL

    Dominic Young
    AKA – Bro rcSurfer

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