24 February, 2015 24 February, 2015

Boards for Africa


As well as an abundance of cooking waves, South Africa is not short of world-class shapers too – some with over 50 years experience in the bay. So the only excuse for not having an epic board under your feet is a maxed-out piggy bank and/or a pile of snapped sticks after a killer run of swell.

Compared to elsewhere in the world, surfboards are cheaper in South Africa too. What costs a kidney and an arm in Europe or the US, sells for much less here in SA. Another bonus is that they shape boards suited to their local breaks – our breaks. And while they spend most of their day mowing foam and fine-tuning perfectly foiled rails, they’ve also got time to chat about what might work for you.

See something you like?

Take a browse through our online showcase and see if something tickles your fancy, otherwise get hold of the masters of foam (contact details included) and speak to them about what suits your surfing.

Then go shred…


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