25 July, 2012 25 July, 2012

Beachgoers Rescue Stranded Dolphins

In a selfless display of ‘man lending nature a helping hand’, beachgoers in the Brazilian town of Arraial do Cabo came to the rescue of a pod of dolphins which had beached themselves, after a tidal surge was suspected to have led them off course.

According to a report in the Scientific American, in only about 50% of recorded cases of whale or dolphin beachings worldwide, could an actual cause for the beaching be determined.

Sickness, polluted water, or even anomolies in the earth’s magnetic field can play a part in causing a pod of dolphins or whales to beach themselves – which makes strandings, like this, a tough case to crack.

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  1. squirel
    27 July, 2012 at 10:35 am · Reply

    Damn, that happened so fast! humans ftw

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