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Zigzag 46.1 – Sneak Peek

Zigzag 46.1 – ‘Looking Back, Moving Forward. Sessions that Define Surf Culture – is out now!

Here’s a sneak peek into the latest issue of Zigzag, as described by those featured, in their own words.

Available via courier, in post boxes and on the shelves of your favourite surf shops, coffee shops, airports and primo coastal Spars, Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay and more… Or just buy it here, now.

The Silver Surfer – “We got to Japan, everything was going well, but it was like landing on Mars. It was so different, and so unique. All the big surfing countries were living at the hotels on the beach, but we didn’t want to, we wanted to stay in the Olympic Village with the South African team. “ – Bianca Buitendag

Combo-Land – There’s a strong new pulse on the horizon, and cold beer on the boat. Things have started to turn. By the morning, it’s 6 to 8 feet, with bigger sets. As usual, we surf alone from daybreak. But today is different. Heavy. And still building.

Wild Seas – “You can’t fall in love with something you don’t know exists. As a photographer, I am a matchmaker. I introduce people to wildlife that lies hidden beneath the oceans’ surface.”  – Thomas Peschak

Looking Back, Moving Forward – A look back at a few of the key surf sessions – some historical, others more recent – that have pushed the whole culture forward.

Not Surfing in the Chatham Islands – Directly in front of the Chatham Hotel pub is a little curve in the shoreline that produces a perfect, peeling right. It’s not a real wave, as in rideable – it’s barely ankle high, and breaks right on shore – but if you were a GI Joe action figure it’d be six-foot Superbank.

Growth Spurt – “I felt my leggie snap like cotton thread. No board, 2ft of water, 10ft monster waves bearing down on me.” – Josh Malherbe

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