8 November, 2019 8 November, 2019

ZagTV: Slowmocean Ep. 2 ‘The Wild West’

Conceptualised by Michael Veltman ‘Slowmocean’ aims to capture a handful of the countries’ most iconic breaks and those that take’em on! Slowing down the clock you’re able to get a real feel for the rawness of the break in question. Each episode will feature a different location bringing something new to the table. It’s all about the ‘Wild West’ in Ep.2

“Bodyboarders come up with the best names for slabs. Kokkerot, Thick Lip, The Devil’s Horn, Tand… They get to name them because they’re the first to find these heavy waves, pioneering them long before surfers. There is something eerie and unsettling about the West Coast of South Africa. Maybe it’s the fog… maybe it’s the cold… maybe it’s the pure might and rawness of an entire coastline. At this spot, the odd crazy standup has been courting this special bit of reef for over a decade now.” ~ Alan van Gysen

“When you think of South African surfing your mind will often shoot to the long point breaks of J-Bay, Transkei or South Coast or the grinding beach breaks that litter our country, but hardly ever does a slab pop into mind.  Bodyboarders have been taming this spot for years, and only rarely does the odd brave surfer give it a go. There’s always respect given to the surfers who attempt to wrangle this wave. Bodyboarders know it’s not easy (and often near impossible) to get to your feet while dodging the exposed muscle covered rock.  My goal with this episode was to highlight the commitment and bravery of the small group of surfers who give this wave horns, some have found what they came for, others get a slap of a reminder of how the ocean is always in charge.” ~ Michael Veltman  

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