22 May, 2019 22 May, 2019

ZagTV Presents – OFFCUTS

When you chase as many swells and link up with as many people as Wez Lewis, you’re gonna have a pretty stacked library of footage. From the warm tropical green east coast to the stanky (bull kelp reference) cold west coast Wez Lew got some of SA’s finest doing what they do best!

(Zag) Your edit has a little East Coast VS West Coast in it… purpose in the contrast? 

(WezLew) I guess you can say that. As you can see the Weskus has this cold gloomy vibe to it. If you come short you really come short, you know? Kinda like it’s giving you constant death threats, making you seem like you surfing/swimming for your life. However… the beauty of the east coast is the’ tropical fun’ part of surfing I’d say we all love that shit. It’s less serious more expression and from the surfing point of view, I think that’s the difference – more fun on the east and more serious on the west.

What’s Wezlew got on the cards this year?
Wezlew will probably at the O’Neill pro this year as well as The Corona Open J-Bay – then soon after has to head over to Bali for some “other shoots’. I’ll then try my best to get some gigs in LA.
You must froth to get the local boys on film?
Local is always lekker and the rad thing is we all mates – and it’s always rad getting your homies stoked with some footage, especially when they ripping.

Beyrick de Vries
Shane Sykes
Sealand Hullett
Richy Kidd
Davey VZ
Josh Redman
Luke Thompson
James Ribbink
Koby Oberholzer
Luke Slijpen
Keagan wright
York van Jaarsveldt
Angelo and Joshe Faulkner
Dooma & Jordy teaching Jimbo how to drive.

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