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Zags Fantasy Surfer Selection

So event one, the Quiksilver Pro, has for the past couple of years been a bit of a dog show when it comes to Fantasy Surfer picks. Besides Filipe, it’s been damn difficult to predict. 
Watching the Quikie Pro, in particular, the rookies is like watching a boxing match, where the more experienced fighter lets the underdog take the first couple of rounds and then puts the peddle down in the later rounds. The rookies came out swinging for the hills. Fists clenched, teeth gritted. They took down some big names along the way, and apart from Griffin Cola, nobody would’ve thought guys like Thomas Hermes would’ve made it as far as he did. Surfing like every turn was his last. Sending US dollar back home after each round. But Bells Beach is a different kettle of fish. You gotta know it to surf it.

Photographer: Ed Sloane/ Surfer: Filipe Toledo

Tier A
Filipe Toledo 
Filipe was livid after being knocked out by Thomas Hermes at the Quiky Pro. A heat score total of 7.33 was all he could muster in pumping Kirra. And that ain’t right. Filipe has become the Fanni / de Souza of 4 years ago. You could pretty much rely on those homies to crack quarterfinals wherever. Except maybe Teahupoo for de Souza. And with the newly crowned head judge, Pritamo Ahrendt, who favours progressive surfing more than the ol richy rich Richie Porta, that sits perfectly fine with Toledo. We’re putting our chips (firmly) behind Filipe in Tier A.   
Griffin Colapinto
Now, this was a tough decision between Griffi, Owen and Julian. Both Owen and Julian have done well at Bells. So some might term this call foolish. But hear me out. Firstly, Griff has a gorgeous swooping down carve that will look absolutely beautiful on the Bells Wall and we’re certain Pritamo, and the boys in the tower will trip out on. He doesn’t feel any pressure. He’s just out there having a blast with Snake Tales. And last but not least, ‘risky’ manoeuvres or turns, aren’t really risky for him. He’s kinda like Filipe in that way. One man’s bottom turn is another man’s club sandwich. 

Jordy Smith scoring Kirra on a free surf. Photographer: Ed Sloane

Tier B
John John Florence
I mean come now.
Jordy Smith
Big Bells suits tall men. Naturally, their turns are going to be more elongated than their shorter counterparts. And Mr Smith knows exactly how to make his turns look good on a big slopey open face. Jordy also has a wallet full of fun-filled variations of essentially the same turn, he’s a previous Bells champ, and he rang that Bell so hard last year, it chipped his tooth. Rumour has it he spent a large sum of his winnings at a nearby dentist, unlike Wilko who spent it at the bar.
Frederico Morais 
Like our boy Jords, Morais also thoroughly enjoys a right-hand point break. Portugal is crammed full of em point breaks. Freddy surfs small waves the same as he surfs big waves. Thus the bigger the wave the better his surfing looks. Cause whether his belting an 8-foot lip at Sunset or a 2-foot lip in Brazil he does it in the same way. Thus the bigger the wave, the better the turn looks. And the forecast is looking pretty good, so we’re hoping Freddy drops the hammer.
Mick Fanning
This is Fanni’s swan song. The White Lightening’s final event on the WT. And damn what fantastic innings he’s had. This is a risky pick because as of late Fanni seems like he just doesn’t have the drive. That laser focus. That death stare he used to hand out. But he’s one of the most winningest surfers at the Bells Bowl, this is his last event, and what a shame it would be if he won the event, his last, and you put some other clown in this spot.

Photographer: Ed Sloane Surfer: Matt Wilkinson

Tier C
Matt Wilkinson
Glen ‘Micro’ Hall has straightened Wilko out good and proper. He even got the man to cut his hair. Rumour has it, it was cause Wilko had to wipe it from his face during backhand off-the-lips, and that hindered scoring potential, which Micro didn’t approve of. Now Wilko’s head looks like a mushroom, but he still has a mean backhand whip, and thanks to Micro, great heat strategy. Wilko will be looking to redeem himself after a shocking result at Snapper, and hopefully, the Bells Bowl will be his redeemer. Cause then we can all hit the bar for some free drinks!
Joan Duru
The Frenchmen seems to do pretty well on lengthy waves. His carves on big open face walls on his backhand look better than most. He seems to get a bit of extra torque on them. Like he put some really large fins in his board which forces him to carve looooong arcs as opposed to short snappy ones. And the judges seem to dig. Hopefully, the Frenchmen will bring those extra large fins to the Bells wall.

Well, there you have it. Use it or don’t we don’t care. Just make sure you get your picks in. 

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