20 April, 2020 20 April, 2020

Zagland Volume 1

Shot in 1999 Zagland Volume 1 was Zigzag’s first proper foray into video.

Neil Webster picks up the story. “Zagland Volume 1 was a collaboration between ASI and Zigzag to create a video magazine that tried to give it a magazine format, more information than just straight up surf porn. The whole video had a very different look and feel lots of effects, but hey, it was the end of the world. Y2K baby!

We catch up with Mickey Duffis who was the manager of the 1999 Springbok Big Wave team which won gold at Todos Santos. He talks us through that historic victory. There is plenty of top SA surfing from around the country plus some Words of wisdom from Sarge, before his disgrace and disappearance, explaining what LMB was meant to do to help get young Aussie back on the WCT, did it work? Tom Curren throws in his 10c. In the contest round up you can see a very young Jordy Smith, Wok and the Vanilla Gorilla, Josh Redman.

And we finish off with a cross over mashup with skate, surf, wake and snowboard. Music supplied by Nebula Bos Records.”

Watch the whole vid here.

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