18 June, 2019 18 June, 2019

[Exlcusive] Between the Lines with Sacha Spex

South African surf filmmaker Jason Hearn returns with Between the Lines focusing on the life of photographer and former world champion bodyboarder, Sacha Specker.

With a slew of self-funded, technically brilliant and impeccably produced surf films under his belt, Jason Hearn is fast becoming one of South Africa’s most important surf filmmakers. He earns his dough as a director and DOP on major film and commercial assignments in the UK. But he spends his weekends and late nights (and much of his spare change) turning out passion projects like the excellent Africa Project, No Regrets with Ricky Basnett and now Between the Lines. Put your headphones on and dive into this surf sensory treat.

Before you hit play, this one is best viewed with headphones on and the volume maxed!

Between the Lines from Jason Hearn on Vimeo.

“We all stare at the same ocean, however, some of us choose to read between the lines. This is a uniquely told story following the photographic journey of Sacha Specker. It’s an intricate and rewarding relationship between man and the sea”. ~ Jason Hearn

“I have memories as a young boy spending endless hours in the ocean, fascinated by the intricacies and moods of Neptune’s Lair. The mind-bending complexities and details were too difficult to describe to anybody who has not seen it for themselves. After half a decade of collaborations, partnerships, thankless help and support from people who believed in Jason Hearns vision and my obsession we managed to articulate ideas into imagery”. ~ Sacha Specker

Sacha’s relationship with the ocean goes way back, beginning when he was first struck by the magic offered by its waves. As he grew up that initial feeling of magic and awe never left leading him down a road of adventure in his adult life rather than that of the regular pursuit. A world champion bodyboarder and world-class photographer, Sacha continues to explore his intimate relationship with the ocean as he endeavours to capture its dynamic features, moods and that initial magic that got him hooked as a kid!


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