13 September, 2019 13 September, 2019

Your Dodgy Surf Tales!

Spin us a yarn! Surfing is a culture of storytelling. Great waves, and the things we endure to ride them demand an audience! And here at the Zag, we’re looking for stories… your stories. 
This is your chance to talk about the surfing life, from your unique perspective! Travel features, hard news, investigative journalism, opinion pieces, profiles, fiction, enviro stories, photo essays – unleash your creativity! As long as it is your original work and has some connection to surfing. Share the supporting photos, video, illustrations or artworks – anything that assists the narrative. 
Your masterpiece could be featured in the next Zag – The Reader Issue, 43.8. All submitted pieces need to come in at a maximum of 1750 words. So pull up around the campfire and spill yer guts!


Send your stories to the editor, glen@zigzag.co.za. Zigzag retains the right to edit all work submitted for brevity and/or clarity. Zigzag retains the right to use any work submitted for the reader survey online. Zigzag is not obligated to run any entries submitted, either online or in print.


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