8 January, 2019 8 January, 2019

WSL buys NLand Surf Park

America’s original Wavegarden facility has been sold to the Kelly Slater Wave Co. As for how much, we can’t say. “The purchase price reflects the agreement of the parties that grantee purchasing the property ‘as is, where-is and with all faults,'” the contract notes. When putting our ears to the ground, word on the street is that assessors appraised the land and buildings at just under $5million in 2018.

According to Wave Pool Mag: The sale follows an inverted purchase pyramid of sorts, with WSL at the top, absorbing the property through Tumbleweed Opco, a Delaware-registered LLC. In the middle is the Kelly Slater Wave Co who operates Tumbleweed.

Interesting, yes?

So what’s included in the deal? Well, there’s a laka amount of land, about 640000 square meters worth and includes all the existing infrastructure, there’s even a pub!! Maaaayte, gotta love an ice cold frostie post surf, yeah?

At this time there is no word from the WSL, regarding their intentions for the wave pool. However, there has been chatter around an expected swap from the Wavegarden technology to that of Slater’s concept. Since it opened to the public on October 7, 2016, the NLand Surf Park has been riddled with issues closing its doors due to a damaged lagoon only to reopen 6 months later.

I guess the only question worth asking is, what is the WSL up to?