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Write To Surf – Journo Contest

There are surfer’s whose fingers itch for the trigger to capture images of those epic surf moments. Then there are those who are drawn to the idea of scribbling down words to paint a picture. Here at Zigzag we have a deep appreciation for both art forms. Whilst our ShotBru section continues to receive a steady flow of rad images, we are looking stories…

Travel features, hard news, investigative journalism, opinion pieces, profiles, fiction, enviro stories, photo essay – your creativity has no bounds! As long as it is your original work and has some connection to surfing. It is encouraged to submit any photos or videos to support your written piece.

If we like what we read your work will get featured on www.zigzag.co.za. Every six weeks, the best submission will find a home in the magazine. The selected piece will also score a hamper from the good people at Billabong valued at over R6000. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. The only rule is that you cannot be a professional writer already.

All submitted pieces need to come in at a maximum of 2000 words or under. We encourage you to include images to support your writing, all photos submitted need to be captioned. Alternatively, Zigzag may choose to run images with your work. All work must belong to you, or else it will be instantly disqualified.

See previous entries HERE and read the fineprint below.

Send your stories to calvin@zigzag.co.za. One submission will be selected every six weeks to appear in Zigzag magazine. The selected submission will also receive a hamper from Billabong. Zigzag retains the right to use any work submitted for the Zag Surf Journo competition on zigzag.co.za as outlined in the rules and terms of the competition. Zigzag reserves the right not to award a published winner in the magazine every six weeks, depending on the quality of entries. Zigzag is not obligated to run any and all entries submitted, either online or in print. Zigzag retains the right to edit all work submitted for brevity and / or clarity. Please note: Prize hampers will only be delivered within South Africa.

The Billabong prize hamper includes: 1 x Billabong Wetsuit; 1 x Billabong Backpack; 1 x Billabong Cap; 1 x Von Zipper Sunnies; 1x Billabong Boardshorts.

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  1. Bunna
    22 February, 2017 at 5:58 pm · Reply


    Couple of quick questions:
    1) Ideal format to send article?
    2) How to include photos?


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